The Secret to Finding Joy!

Today’s beauty secret centers around joy. How do you find joy in your life after cancer? 

Let’s define happiness and contrast that to joy.

Happiness is a feeling that you have on the outside. It’s affected by what is happening in your life at the time.

Any person, thing, event can make you happy or any person, thing or event can take away your happiness.

Joy develops as a result of a spiritual connection with God or another person. It’s an internal, deep and long lasting emotion. Joy is a choice.

Joy is an internal feeling that is unaffected by anything you may have going on in your life. It is a stronger, deeper feeling than happiness.

You experience joy when:

  • You marry your one true love.
  • When you look at the baby you carried inside you for nine months for the very first time.

Nothing can touch your joy.

Part of being awesome after cancer means choosing the find your joy. That means that you may need to create a spiritual connection with God or the Universe or create or deepen a relationship with another person such as a spouse, sibling or close friend.

I want you to know that you control your own joy. Nothing or no one can take it away without your permission. 

You choose how you’re going to react to every person or every obstacle or every situation that comes your way. When you get angry or sad, you are choosing to express those emotions. We all have a choice in which emotions we allow to control us. 

I want to show you how quickly you can shift energy from being sad to being happy.

Say Yes. 

What happened?  

It made you smile, didn’t it? That’s because you said yes to yourself. And when you say yes to yourself, you bring yourself joy! 

You can’t say yes without smiling and when you smile it shifts your energy.

Using the smile muscles in your face to smile causes positive energy to be released in your body, causing you to feel good.

Just shifting the energy can create more joy in your space.

Express Gratitude. We must remember to say thank you.

It is not until we are thankful for what we have, that we can appreciate all the good that is to come.

Instead of asking ourselves why me, we need to ask ourselves what blessings have I received from the universe that I want to celebrate today?

Remember fear, anger and gratitude can not exist in the same space. And when you are in a space of gratitude you naturally feel more joy.

Another great way to bring more joy into your life is to uncover what you’re passionate about.

Think about those things that you enjoy so much it feels like time stands still when you’re doing them. Just be still in the space of knowing that these things, people, or activities bring you the most joy. These are the things you need to start doing and create space for in your life. 



: Your life, no matter how imperfect, can be filled with joy if you choose joy everyday.


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