Product Review – CamWell Herb To Soothe

When getting external beam radiation therapy treatment, you may notice changes to the skin in the treatment area. These changes could represent a radiation dermatitis. 

Symptoms of Radiation Dermatitis

  • redness
  • dryness
  • itching
  • stinging
  • burning or peeling of the skin

If you are having these symptoms, you are going to need a different type of cream than when you first started treatment.  You now need a product to protect the skin and provide symptom relief. CamWell Herb to Soothe may fit the bill.  It calms the itching and redness naturally and It speeds the healing of wounds and irritation. 

Product Review

CamWell Herb to Soothe is an all natural, herbal formula.

A few facts about CamWell: 

  • It contains a proprietary blend of rhubard root, cactus, dictamnus root bark, amur cork tree bark, light yellow sophora root and giant knotweed rhizome.
  • No artificial colors, fragrances or dyes.
  • Feels cool and refreshing when applied. Soothing to the skin. 
  • It is not sticky or oily. 
  • Safe for both men and women
  • BPA Free
  • Paraben-free
  • Alcohol-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Nut Oil-free

Directions advise to use a pea-sized amount twice a day. You should spread onto your skin and allow to absorb itself.

Use twice a day at least for symptomatic relief, 7 days a week; even on days that you are not getting radiation. You want to continue it even after radiation treatment is over because you’re still getting radiation effects after the treatment is over.

It come in .64Oz tubes. A little dab only covers a small area so I don’t know that this little tube is going to be enough to get you through an acute episode of dermatitis. Especially if it is a larger area like a breast or a chest wall.  You may need more than one tube. 

If you are looking for an all natural treatment to soothe your radiation irritation, then Camwell Herb to Soothe is a perfect solution.

Click here to order your tube of Camwell Herb to Soothe Cream.


: Creams and ointments soothe the skin while prayers and purpose soothe the soul.


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