Don’t Get An Attitude About Losing Your Hair… Get a Hattitude!



I was really excited about losing my hair from the chemotherapy. I know that sounds crazy, but I looked at it as an opportunity to try different hairstyles. Before starting chemotherapy, I  cut my hair short, so I could try on wigs.  I bought 4 different wigs so that I would be ready.

IMG_2067Three weeks after starting chemotherapy,  my hair came out.  I was very self conscious and uncomfortable looking at myself without hair. My kids told me I looked like daddy walking around the house without hair.

I started wearing wigs and scarves. I quickly realized that I didn’t like wigs. They made my head too hot. The wig cap,  plus  the wig, plus the summer heat, along with my new hot flashes, made wearing wigs unbearable at times. I also had a headache by the end of the day.  I wasn’t good at tying scarves, so they would loosen and come off. I needed another solution. I couldn’t go without anything on my head because my head gets cold. So I started wearing hats especially when I was at home.  I’ve always liked hats, but never really wore them, until now.

I met Vernell from Grand Diva Enterprises, who has a fabulous collection of hats for all occasions. She shared a few tips with me about hats that I’d like to share with you.

  • Hats make you happy. Hats are a great way to lift your spirits and lighten the mood.
  • Wear a liner under the hat if you sweat a lot to keep from ruining the hat.
  • Be mindful of where you are going and refrain from wearing large brimmed hats to the movies or the theater, as this could block someone’s view of the screen.
  • Since you are wearing the hat to cover hair loss, you are not required to remove it for anything; you may remove it for the singing of the National Anthem if you wish.
  • You should wear a smaller brimmed hat when you go out in the evening.
  • Hats should not be worn at work. That when you have to wear a wig.
  • I would not advise buying hats online. You should try them on to make sure they are comfortable and fit the size of your head and compliment the shape of your face.

I wear hats now most of the time. I get lots of compliments. Wearing them has been a huge that self esteem booster . I am much more confident now living without hair. Hats are great conversation starters too.

IMG_2108 IMG_2344

I usually wear a liner on my head when I wear my hats. It keeps them from moving around too much, absorbs sweat, and it keeps the make up off the hat. Fish net liners work best when I don’t wear make up . They keep my head cooler than the stocking caps. The stocking caps work better for keeping make up off my hats.

If I’m not working, you are likely to see me in a hat.

What’s great is, that when my hair grows back, I can still wear my hats!


beauty_secret: I have gained so much confidence living without hair.

Beautifully Yours - Dr Tonya Cole



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