July 2015 Survivor Spotlight


Kim Landers

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

Date of diagnosis: December, 2010

Number of years cancer free: 4 ½ years

Age at Diagnosis: 45

Current Age:   49                                            

Occupation: Retired



I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia. And the mother of 23-year-old twin daughters, Devin and Morgan. I am also a graduate of The University of West Georgia in Carrollton, Georgia. Where I received a B.A. degree in Mass Communication “88.

Since being a 4 ½ year breast cancer survivor. I have been afforded the opportunity to speak to middle school and high school students in Clayton and Atlanta Public School Systems. As well as, at local churches in Clayton and Henry County.

I recently launched The Set with Kim Landers, LLC on December 4, 2014. The vision of “The Set with Kim Landers” is to reach, teach and touch the heart and the spirit of the “womb~man” (woman) in a different way. At “The Set” it is real talk, for real woman. The Set with Kim Landers also partners with the Rainbow House in Clayton County. In my spare time, I really enjoy cooking and baking. And I always take pleasure in listening to the sounds of great jazz music.




  1. I have truly come and have learned to trust God with all my heart. As He truly does not make any mistakes.


  1. Whatever life might throw to you. Have confidence to know that you were built to handle it. You are so much stronger than you think.


  1.  Learn not to stress over things that you simply cannot control. It’s just extra in your life.



Contact information:

            Email: kim.landers65@gmail.com

            Facebook: Kim Landers

            Instagram: kim_gems


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