Whip Those Eyelashes Back Into Shape!

About 6 weeks after I started chemotherapy, my eyelashes started to fall out along with my eyebrows. When I went to The Look by Joi about my eyebrows, I asked Joi about a solution for my eyelashes as well.

The only solution, for someone without eyelashes, is to apply a strip eyelash. Individual lashes or lash extensions cannot be used, because they have to be attached to the lash hair. If you have no lash hair then you have to glue the lash to your skin. Individual lash glue is designed to attach to hair and not to skin. It is very hard to remove from skin. It can be very irritating if it gets in your eye or on the waterline of your eye.

  • Strip Lashes are false eyelashes that are carefully set on a thin band, making them quick and easy to apply. They can be worn all day and reused multiple times if properly cared for. They can be subtle for everyday use, flirtatious for a date night, dramatic for a special occasion or bold for maximum impact.
  • The strip should be put on after make-up has been applied – including mascara and eyeliner. Further make-up can be applied after the lashes have fully adhered. More eyeliner can be added to disguise the strip band if desired.
  • Check the fit of your lashes before applying. Try the original length along your eyelash line to see if you prefer the longer width before cutting. You can trim the width of your strip lash with scissors, if desired. Be sure that the lash follows the natural contour of your eye.
  • Use clear strip eyelash glue, if you are new to applying strip lashes. Clear glue really does dry clear, so you can go ahead and make all the adjustments you need to achieve that perfect fit. Dark or Black glue will give you a more dramatic look.
  • To remove a strip lash, dab some oil free make-up remover along the lash line. Then hold the lashes at the outside edge and gently peel off. Always remove lashes before sleeping
  • Due to the risk of infection, I would advise using the strip only once, then discarding. If you must reuse it, then only reuse it once during chemotherapy.
  • To reuse lashes, carefully remove any glue with tweezers or oil free make-up remover after use. Replace lashes on the lash tray, ready to re-apply with fresh adhesive.
  • Apply an under lash if you are really daring. They are placed under the water line of your lower lid. Use clear glue unless you want a smoky eye effect.

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I buy the cheapest strip I can find. There are so many brands out there, that a good quality inexpensive pair is easy to find. There is no need to spend $4 or more on a strip lash that I am only going to use once or twice. Replacing them can get very expensive.


I love the look of my new eyelashes. I think I may be addicted.


beauty_secret: I’ve found my inner Diva.


Beautifully Yours - Dr Tonya Cole

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