Six Ways to Overcome Your Fear

In today’s beauty secret, you are going to learn 6 ways to overcome fear.

As cancer survivors we can be fearful of a lot of things:

  • We can be scared we’re going to die from cancer
  • Scared that our cancer will come back
  • Or that we’ll have a bad outcome to a procedure or treatment that we’re getting.

It’s normal to have these thoughts, you just have to make sure that you don’t DWELL on them.

What is FEAR? Fear is an unpleasant feeling triggered by the perception of danger, real or imagined.

False Evidence that Appears Real. You are scared of what you think might happen. But fear can have such a tight grip on you,that it causes you to make decisions based on a perception of danger that could very well be imagined.

Fear was designed to cause you to PAUSE and to EXAMINE. But fear should not bring you to a complete HALT.

So how do you push through your fear? Treat fear like it’s your fuel. You know how, a car needs fuel to go? Fear should propel you forward too. 

This is what fear should do for you:

  • Push you to ask more questions; to find the answers that you need to make more informed decisions about your treatment.
  • Propel you to take better care of your body.
  • Cause you to evict bad habits  such as  smoking, drinking in excess, overeating.
  • Make you plan for the unexpected.

Here are 6 ways to overcome your fear.

  1. ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR FEAR. It’s okay to let someone know that you’re scared. If you don’t acknowledge your fear, it will manifest into something that will hold you back and do you harm in the future.
  2. STAY IN THE NOW. Stay present to what is happening right now. We can’t think about what’s happening in the future or dwell in the past. Be intentional about staying present and living right here in the now.
  3. GET MORE INFORMATION. Being well informed will reduce our anxieties. Do your research. Ask more questions, get a second opinion, or read a book. Ask as many questions as you need to get the information you need to feel comfortable.
  4. BE PREPARED. Plan for the unexpected. Life with cancer, chronic or terminal illness is unpredictable. Things don’t always go as planned. When you plan for the unexpected you don’t live in fear of something happening because you are prepared if it does. Create a living will, regular will, and financial nest egg. Plan well ahead of time so you’re not worrying about those things. What you need to concentrate on is doing all the things you want to do and living the life you want to live. You shouldn’t preoccupy yourself and be fearful of all those things.
  5. PRACTICE. When you practice anything, you become much better and much more at ease when doing it. Practice, practice practice. That will take away a lot of the anxiety that you have.
  6. STAY POSITIVE. Be intentional about keeping negativity away from you. This may mean removing some people from your circle or not associating with certain groups. Some well-meaning people don’t realize that they’re negative. But those people can really suck the life out of you. Those aren’t the people you need around you when you’re going through a cancer journey. Make it a point to do things that make you smile. Laugh, laugh, comedy is the best medicine.

: Fear will motivate you to fight courageously and and live victoriously.







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