Product Review – My Girls Skin Care

When getting radiation therapy, it is important that you protect and moisturize the skin from damage that can be caused from radiation.  Radiation can cause dryness, itching, tanning and even burning of your skin in the treatment area.  Using a product to moisturize the skin, starting on day 1 of your treatments, will help to minimize these effects. My Girls Skin care can help.

Product Review: 

My Girls Skin Care is a radiation burn skin cream create to soothe radiation dermatitis and skin burns. 

A few facts about My Girls Skin Care: 

  • Contains 10% calendula which promotes wound healing. 
  • Contains Rose petal extract which works to reduce inflammation.
  • Non-staining.
  • Not greasy.
  • Paraben free
  • Fragrance free
  • Free of dyes 

My Girls Skin Care is a loose cream that spreads on easily and absorbs quickly. It doesn’t sit on top of your skin and it feels good. 

You should use this product three to four times a day, seven days a week starting on day one of your treatment. Continue use for two to three weeks after you have completed your treatment. Do not apply within four hours of your radiation treatments. 

It comes in a 6.8 oz jar with is enough to last you through a course of treatment. You may even have some left to use for a month or so after treatment. A little bit goes a long way. 

If you are looking for a skin care lotion that will get you through radiation, My Girls Skin Care is a great option. 

My girls skin care can be found online at 


: Moisturizing  your skin during treatment is just as important as hydrating your body. Prevention is better than medication. 

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