Best Selling Book Helps Cancer Survivors Live Their Best Life


Hi guys. I’m super, duper excited. I am officially a Best Selling author. Yes, you heard me right. My third book is here! This cancer journey has been nothing but a blessing for me. I started my cancer journey as a doctor and cancer patient; I came out a survivor, an inspirational speaker, coach and author. Wow! Oprah said, “Turn your wounds into wisdom”, and that exactly what I’ve done .


My cancer journey uncovered many areas of my life that were in breakdown. My second Book Awesome After Cancer: A Prescription for Life explains how I repaired my life and began to operate on a higher level. Cancer survivors like me can design the life that they want and create the life they deserve. I am ready to share those secrets with you.


In Awesome after Cancer: A Prescription for Life, I combine anecdotes from my own cancer journey with personal development strategies and health maintenance advice to offer a comprehensive prescription for cancer survivors to thrive in a more healthy, confident, and abundant life.


Cancer helped me find my purpose. My purpose is to help cancer survivors walk into wellness, run with more confidence so they can soar in a life full of joy , purpose in prosperity. Let me help you find yours.


How can you get a copy of this amazing book? You can ORDER your copy RIGHT NOW for just $20 plus shipping.


Feel free to share this news with your support group, doctor’s office, friends or any cancer survivor you know.


Awesome is defining the life that you want, so you can create the life you deserve. So be Awesome!






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