Is a Year Too Long To Save Your Life?


I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in December 2014 and now, nine months later, I am STILL undergoing treatment for that same cancer.   I never would’ve thought that my cancer treatment would take up an entire year of my life, but it appears that this is precisely what is going to happen.   I spent about eight weeks getting a complete workup done, followed by surgery and eight weeks of recovery from surgery. I just completed six LONG months of chemotherapy. Now, I’m getting ready to embark on a course of radiation therapy treatments which will be followed by removal of my ovaries and finally phase 2 of surgery to complete my breast reconstruction.


Honestly, I am tired of being a patient and I’m ready to get back on the on the being the doctor side! Now I understand why I get so much push back from my patients at this point in the treatment process. We are all tired and ready for this to be over. Nine months is a long time to be constantly at the doctor.


I love my patients and many of them have become friends over the years since I’ve treated them. I had a chance to vent to a few of them and I thank God for their love and honesty. I had been debating about whether or not to get radiation treatments. My cancer is a borderline case as to whether I should get radiation or not.


I recently told one of my patients I wasn’t going to get radiation treatment because I really needed to get back to working full time. She looked at me as if I had two heads and frowned. “Do you remember what you told me five years ago?”, she said and then repeated to me the same words that I had given her so many years ago. “ Sometimes you only get one shot at a cure… You don’t want to blow this opportunity, you have too much to live for.” My powerful words were now being directed back to me. Another patient asked me , “Why are you concerned about how much time all of this is taking? No amount of time is too long, If it saves your life!” Well, she’s got a point. I couldn’t argue with that. My patients had become my doctor, sharing the wisdom that they gained on their cancer journey.

Okay, I’ll stay a patient a little while longer.


Sometimes we underestimate the value of what we share with others. I never thought my words would come back to encourage me years later. We all get down at times , discouraged and frustrated, but continue to reminder yourself that trouble don’t last always. This year may seem like a long time, but years from now, it will appear as a bump in the road that I easily hopped over.


beauty_secret :A year of treatment is worth it to get a lifetime of good health.


Beautifully Yours - Dr Tonya Cole

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