New Books Help Explain Cancer To Kids.

Hi guys. I am super, duper excited. I am officially a published author. Yes, you heard me right. I wrote a book; two books, matter of fact! This cancer journey has been nothing but a blessing for me. I went into this a doctor and cancer patient; I came out, a survivor, motivational speaker, and author. Oprah said, “Turn your wounds into wisdom”, and that’s just what I’ve done.

I have birthed two children’s books. Mommy’s Naughty Cancer and Dad’s Naughty Cancer.


Both books were the result of me wanting to explain cancer to my three year old twin daughters. The result was nothing less than amazing. The text is fun and informative and the illustrations are beautiful. Any adult needing to explain cancer to a young person can do so with either of these books, written from a Mother’s perspective or from a Dad’s perspective.

Mommy’s Naughty Cancer and Dad’s Naughty Cancer, are sweet and hopeful books that deal with a tough subject in a way that’s easy for children to understand. Through dialogue and description, I tell the story of a family dealing with – but not broken by – cancer, offering hope to anyone fighting the same battle. This book is perfect for families dealing with a cancer diagnosis of their own, and for anyone finding it difficult to explain what is happening to someone who has cancer. Children who read this book will not only walk away better informed, but also with a sense of hope and an understanding that cancer does not have to win.

Cancer helped me find my purpose. My purpose is to use the medical skills and knowledge that I have to help others fighting a cancer battle of their own. These books are just a start of more to come.

Both books are now available in Spanish

Feel free to share this news with your support group, doctors office, friends or anyone you know fighting a cancer battle.

Get your copy today.


beauty_secret:Cancer is a word, not a sentence. Make sure everyone you know understands that.

Beautifully Yours - Dr Tonya Cole




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