Get a personalized plan to jump start your weight loss

Dr. Tonya’s Keto Kickstart Clinic

Get started on the keto program that is right for you

Fast forward your weight loss by learning the 3 pillars of low carbohydrate eating; what foods to eat, what foods to avoid and when to eat. Plus get my best tips and strategies to shape it to your current health status and personal goals

Learn how to lose weight quickly and safely without hunger or starvation , The First Time.

What you will learn


Based on y our pre - course health scre ening, you will learn which areas of your health a low carbohydrate keotgenic meal plan can improve. I ’ ll show you how to achieve the goals you set to improv e those health markers.


Based on your health and weight loss goals, I ’ ll teach you exactly what foods to eat to get you to your goal the fastest. I ’ ll give you the combinations of foods that maximize results.


I ’ ll tell you what foods can stall your weight loss or even cause weight gain. I ’ ll even show how to easily recognize healthy food imposters.


Learn how important the timing of your meals is in helping you lose weight. Based on your personalized pl an, I teach you the best times to eat to quickly shed those pounds.

When will you get a chance to learn from a doctor who not only has lost weight, but has resolved all of her own health problems.?

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Who this is not for

Who this is for

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Who this is for

Are you going to take the shortcut and learn from a doctor who has already done it or keep trying to figure it out on your own?

The 30 day ultimate strategy for kickstarting your
weight loss and improving your health.

Here’s what you get:

One 1 hour jumpstart group coaching session via ZOOM video A customized meal plan with strategy
Two 30 minute follow up coaching sessions via ZOOM in weeks 2 and 4 Daily Journal.

Valued At $700
Your Investment $47


Dr. Cole has spent over 20 years, making people who were sick better.
After fighting her own battle with breast cancer, being diagnosed with high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, fatty liver disease, elevated cholesterol, precancerous polyps in her colon, and depression, in addition to being 50 pounds overweight, she was desperate to transform her health. She embarked on a low carbohydrate high fat meal plan and lost 50 pounds and completely resolved all of her health issues. She now has more energy and a zest for life she had never known before.

As a result of her personal transformation, Dr. Cole has become an expert in low carbohydrate nutrition and holistic living. She has started a coaching program offering clients a 360 degree approach to wellness. She helps clients take charge of their health so they can live their bestlife now, free of disease and off medications.

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