Beware Of The Killers

What are the killers? Killers are those people who kill your desire to get treatment. They scare you with often times exaggerated stories of treatment related side effects or stories of other peoples poor outcomes. They talk you out of getting scientifically proven treatments that could cure you and talk you into doing nothing or just taking herbs and berries. They kill any hope you have of being cured. They kill your mood. And as you do nothing, they watch you die as your cancer grows out of control.


Since being diagnosed with cancer myself, I have experience the same thing.  Just recently at a family gathering, I had someone tell me about a friend with breast cancer who’s husband left her right in the middle of her treatment. He then went on to tell me how she fought the good fight, alone, but it came back in her brain and she died.


Now why would I want to hear something like that? What good does that do me and how does that help me get through my treatment? At that very moment I decided that I was not listening to any more negative stories. Stories like that seep into your spirit and kill your mood. They cause unnecessary anxiety.


Sadly some of the biggest killers that we come across are other cancer patients. They may be sad and depressed and channeling their frustrations or simply venting to you, pulling you into their den of depression. If you are a cancer patient who’s had a bad treatment side effects or outcome, do not share this information with a newly diagnosed cancer patient. That information alone may send them into a tailspin from which they may never recover. They may freeze and instead of getting treatment, they may do nothing.   Sharing that kind of information does not help, it only hurts in the long run.


Diagnosis and treatment is a very stressful time in your life and you really need to manage the information that you take in during this time. Make sure all the information that is going into your head is positive information and you want to block out as much negative information as you can.



Here are four ways I stay positive during treatment

  • I stay in constant contact with other survivors who are doing well.
  • I read books of positive affirmations and inspirational quotes
  • I read healing scriptures.
  • I stay busy with other things so I don’t dwell on my treatment.
  • I don’t watch the news or read the newspaper.



When I keep that negative information out of my spirit, and constantly feed it with positivity it’s much easier to navigate this treatment journey.


Let me know what you do to stay positive during treatment.


beauty_secret: Staying positive makes dealing with life less stressful..


Beautifully Yours - Dr Tonya Cole

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